Hey! Ameeth Thomas here. Yes, the mad one from Junkyard Groove.  
It's been a period of change for me, both personally and professionally. I tend to creep into my shell, shut people out, refuse to reach out for help. I'm trying to change. Here's a part of the attempt. To be active in the public eye again. 
I know Junkyard's have been off the radar for a bit with new music. For that, I would like to say that I'm sorry. :)  
However, our new EP was released a few months ago. Too quietly that I doubt you guys even know about it.  
What? You've heard the whole album? You love all the songs you say? Gracias amigo! 
But this is for the people who missed it - the fans who didn't notice the facebook posts, the critics who had other musicians to analyse, the competition who was busy jamming for their next gig, the few fortunate souls who just couldn't care less. 
The latest EP titled '+&-' is available for download here, here and here. 
For those who can spare the buck, the album can be purchased here and here. 
I'm looking forward to the feedback. You know where to reach me. And I promise to keep the good stuff coming. 
Much love!

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