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A love song in a Pandemic  

 We are in month six of the lockdown. My sanity is slowly dissipating. The situation we are in is not normal but these extreme measures have to be taken. The only thing we can do right now is to wait, hope, and push forward in these hard times.

 The song that came to mind when I was deciding what to do next for a Youtube Video was a song called “Beautiful Crime” off our second album Accidental Hero. The song was written about seven years ago, it is about love but not a love song. The one thing that I have noticed during this pandemic is that as a species however much we evolve there is one primal instinct that is inevitable, our need for Love (connection)

 I hope you enjoy this Vocal Session.

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Ameeth Thomas 

Junkyard Groove

Lockdown Sessions #!! 

I hope you'll are doing well and keeping safe during the lockdown. This week on the "Lockdown Sessions" I bring you "Folk You". This song is from our first Album "11:11". I hope you guys like this version, it was how it was actually written. Please do subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon for notifications.  

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